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About me


I'm Victoria H. Hamre, a Norwegian illustrator and comic book artist. For the past few years I have been working freelance, illustrating children's books, creating comics, doing editorial illustrations and private commissions. I primarily draw digitally, but I also have an education within traditional painting and drawing.

I work in many different styles, but most of what I do is colorful and clean. My illustrations have a joyful palette and often feature strange creatures, people, and animals. My style has developed through years of reading comics and watching animated films, which has led to my great love of drawing and visual storytelling. I'm inspired by artists like Lucy Knisley, Kate Pellerin, Amanda Jolly, Hayao Miyazaki, and Lucie Ebrey.

If you would like to work with me I would love to hear from you, so pop by the 'contact me' section and send me an email!



University of Oslo - 2019-2021 - Master in Art History and Curating (Kuratering, kritikk og modernismens kulturarv)
Included an internship at the National Museum of Norway (Nasjonalmuseet), fall 2020.

University of Oslo - 2017-2018 - Bachelor in Philosophy

University of Oslo - 2014-2017 - Bachelor in Art history

Einar Granum School of Fine Art - 2012-2014 - Vocational education in painting





Den Magiske Fotballen - Cappelen Damm, 2024, illustrator.

Dinosaurjakten - Cappelen Damm, 2024, illustrator.

Den Store Boka Om Kokosbananas - Cappelen Damm, 2023, illustrator.

Tryllestjerne og fruktorkesteret: Et eventyr om matglede og matvett - and Grønt Flagg FEE Norway, illustrator, 2023. 

Kokosbananas og stinkomaten- Cappelen Damm, 2023, illustrator.

Kokosbananas og brøleboksen- Cappelen Damm, 2023, illustrator.

Helt Super - Vigmostad & Bjørke, in collaboration with Qvisten Animation. 2022, Illustrator.

Familien Vamp: Mysteriet med den uhyggelige vampyrjegeren - Papermoon Publishing, 2022, illustrator. 

Kokosbananas og tøysemaskinen- Cappelen Damm, 2022, illustrator.

Brum and Sun - Think Equal, 2022. Illustrator.

Familien Vamp: Mysteriet med det langhalsede vampyrofferet - Papermoon Publishing, 2022, illustrator. 

Kokosbananas og prumpebrusen - Cappelen Damm, 2022, illustrator.

Lenge leve Teo! Et eventyr om gjenbruk. - Grønt Flagg FEE Norway. Illustrator. 2022

Ville Vitser: Ikke lov å le! - Fontini Forlag, 2022. Illustrator. 

Monstrous Transplants: Curating Feminine-Vegetal Relationships. From 7 Blikk: Kuratering og Bevaring, Paragone, 2021. Author & illustrator, academic article. 

Ut på Eventyr: 13+1 eventyr som er snudd og vridd litt på - Papermoon publishing, collaboration with Plan Norge, 2021. Illustrator.

Kokosbananas og godteristøvsugeren - Cappelen Damm, 2021. Illustrator.

Kokosbananas og forte-seg-roboten - Cappelen Damm, 2021. Illustrator.

Miso - Überpress, 2020. Illustrator & author.

Den Raude armé - From ÜberRevolusjon, Überpress, 2018. Illustrator & author.

Trygg Forvaring - From ÜberTerror, Überpress, 2018. Illustrator & author.

Editorial work

Magazines, websites, organizations and businesses

Amnesty Norge
PechaKucha Trondheim
Student magazines: Filologen, Bøygen, Føniks, Samfunnsvitern, etc

Åmli - illustrations used on packaging (food)
Eiksmarka hund & katt - posters, stickers, illustrations for social media. 

Exhibitions & Awards

'Miso' featured in the exhibition 'Tegneserienes historie', - The old National Gallery, 2023. 

'Ut På Eventyr' featured in the exhibition 'Østenfor sol og vestenfor måne' - The National Museum of Art, 2022.

Georg Morgenstjernes pris for fremragende innsats ved masterprogrammet for kunsthistorie og visuelle studier, 2021. 

Group exhibition - Stavern, Krutthuset, Summer 2018.

Group Exhibition - Stavern, Krutthuset, Summer 2016.



Kulturfabrikken - 2019-2020 - Organized and taught drawing classes for children in primary school and junior high. 

Graphic Design:

Palais des Thés Norge - 2018-2021 - Worked as a graphic designer and social media manager. 

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