I've always loved comics, and I am gradually moving towards making more comics about all kinds of subjects. The one titled ''Skaperen'' is a short comic about the author of the original Frankenstein story, Mary Shelley. 
The ''Daily life'' strip is filled with some of the comics I made in 2016 about my daily activities. 

''Den Raude Armé'', and ''Trygg Forvaring'' were published in UberRevolusjon and Uberterror, and therefore I won't share the entirety of the comics here.
I'm also currently working on my first graphic novel, Miso, which will be out in 2020, published by Uberpress.

Upcoming comic: Miso

Den Raude Armé


Trygg Forvaring

Daily Life

Victoria H. Hamre, Illustrator and artist.

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